Sol The Sunchaser

Jack Rabbit Highway Channel Intro

Welcome to Jack Rabbit Highway. We are James & Lindsay, and this channel follows our adventures and the equipment that gets us there. We currently have three projects in our life and keeping them on the road keeps us pretty busy.

First is our 1991 Bluebird school bus we call Sol the Sunchaser. We plan to convert her into our home on the road once all of our kids are grown and out of the house, but for now she is our bedroom. Next up is our 1978 Dodge B200 camper van we call Jack Rabbit. She currently has a very simple conversion consisting of a bed and table, but we are working towards getting her set up as our small footprint adventure mobile with our two boys. Last but not least is our oldest, but newest to us vehicle, a 1977 Jeep CJ5 that we jokingly call Miss Daisy. She is an interesting rig that we intend to tow behind the Skoolie someday, but for now she is the adventuremobile that will get us into places that the school bus and camper van cannot.

Come along on this journey with us as we search out adventure with our boys in our various rigs. Learn how to work on your own vehicles as we try to keep ours on the road and check out the places we visit in them. Let’s look ino the equipment that makes it all possible and see what is worth the money and what is not. Let’s dig into some adventure together!

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