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Securing A Vintage Table To Our Van Conversion Floor!!!

We have a vintage table in the van currently, it fits in there nicely and we can rotate it sideways to play games with the boys if it is raining outside. However, that makes it difficult to secure it while we are driving. There is a simple answer for this though, and all it takes are a couple of eye bolts and a turnbuckle.

First up is getting the eye bolt screwed into the floor. I start out by drilling a smaller pilot hole, as it makes it easier to get in there while still being very secure. Once the eye hook is in place, unscrew the turnbuckle about halfway and then use it to find the placement of the second eye hook on the table. It is a good idea to predrill your hole here as well, and then screw it in. Once it is in, you can hook in the turnbuckle and tighten it down, securing that leg to the floor. We are halfway there, we just need to do the same thing to the other rear leg on the table using the exact same steps.

Once they are both in, the table is now rock solid and stuck to the floor, with the ability to easily remove the turnbuckles and then change the location of the table when we are parked. We recently used it on a trip to Waldo Lake, and we could not be happier with how it worked out.

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